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OrthoLoad Videos

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Video format

The older OrthoLoad videos have a frame rate of 25 fps (time resolution = 0.04 s). Newer videos run at a speed of 50 fps (time resolution = 0.02 s).

Video size

All OrthoLoad videos have a size of 1024x768 pixels. In order to see them in best quality in a media player, choose Zoom = 100%. On a notebook with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels you should play the videos in the 'Full Screen' modus.

Video codec

We encode all files using the Windows Media Encoder 9 which produces files in the wmv-format (Windows Media Video). The quality and file size are at least as good as those of avi-files using the DivX or Xvid codec. The wmv-codec is supplied with each Windows installation from Windows XP onwards. In nearly all cases the OrthoLoad videos therefore run on Windows computers without any difficulties. This is an advantage as no additional codec must be installed on your PC, and the videos almost always run in PowerPoint presentations. If the wmv-codec is not installed on your PC, you can download it. Or you can download the newest version of the Windows Media Player which includes the wmv codec (see comments on the Windows Media Player).

Furthermore, we convert all OrthoLoad videos in the mp4-video format(H.264) using ffmpeg codec library. You can play mp4-videos on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers with VLC player. We suggest VLC Player 2.0 or higher.

Conversion of wmv video format

If you want to convert an OrthoLoad video to another format, for example to an avi-file with the Xvid-codec, we suggest that you use the free conversion program 'Super'.

Media player

These are some popular free video players:

Media Player Classic

This simple player must not be installed. It plays 25 fps and 50 fps videos at a correct speed and you can study movements in detail frame by frame by using the arrow key button (forwards only !). The time counter has a resolution of only 1s, but the precise time is shown in the small table 'Video' & 'Time Now' in the OrthoLoad videos. You can open several instances of the program at the same time, for example if you would like to compare different exercises.

FairPlay Lite

This player is very small, easy to handle and for free. Installation is not required. 50 fps videos are shown at correct speed and you can proceed with the arrow keys. The time counter has a resolution of 0.02s (50 fps). Several instances of the player can be opened.

Windows Media Player

This player is installed together with Windows. It does play 50 fps videos, but it is overloaded with features, and it is difficult to select a single video frame using the mouse. Proceeding frame-by-frame is not possible. The time counter has a resolution of only 1s.

VLC media player

VLC player is a powerfull open source media player für Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It plays 25 fps and 50 fps videos at a correct speed and you can study movements in detail frame by frame by using the hotkey 'e' (see 'Tools/Options/Hotkeys').

Other Video Players

Kinovea can be used to play 2 videos synchronously. It doesn't work properly with wmv-videos, however.

We suggest

Use of the Media Player Classic or FairPlay Lite as the Standard Video Player for the wmv-video format (Windows). Use of the VLC media player as the Standard Video Player for the mp4-video format (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).